Automated Paperwork

Krytter's dynamic paperwork editor allows you to create documents in a text editor and customize each document for every hunter.  Simply add the customized fields where you want them displayed as you type up your document.  You can also upload a docx Word file built the same way, or simply upload pdfs.  Then link your paperwork to your hunts and let Krytter do the rest.  Your hunters will have online access to view, agree to, or sign paperwork - and you can track it all right here in Krytter.

Krytter's paperwork automation makes running  your guiding office a breeze.
Support Conservation Without the Hassle

If you belong to a conservation, hunting or outfitting association, Krytter can collect and remit the fees from your hunters on your behalf, and submit the necessary paperwork so you never have to think about it.  The whole process is automated, all you have to do is join.

Krytter allows users to automatically collect and remit fees from hunters to support conservation organizations.
Krytter Manages Hunt Licensing for You

Krytter collects the required information from your client and then registers them to hunt in your province or state.  Clients pay Krytter directly for the licenses, Krytter purchases them for the hunter and then mails the licenses directly to you in advance of their hunt.  You don’t have to do anything.

In provinces or states where permitted, Krytter will register your clients and purchase licenses on their behalf.
Publish Everywhere from Krytter

You can create and customize links and widgets in Krytter to use on your website or social media posts - all designed to guide your potential customers through an online booking process.  Create widgets to embed code in your website so your call to action makes a sale.  Create links that match the hunts you want to sell when you make a post on social media.  Krytter makes it easy, and you’ll make more sales.

Krytter Manages Special hunt licenses and fees for your outfitting territory.
Manage Your Bookings

Your dashboard in Krytter is your management tool to track all your hunt bookings and availability from anywhere in the world where you have internet.  Follow your bookings from quote to completion, book hunts or publish ads for unsold hunts.  Keep track of your client's information, licensing, paperwork and travel plans.  All these features make your life easier, because it’s organized and online for outfitting."

Manage Your Bookings with Krytter's Operational Dashboard.
Build Your Hunts

Customize your hunts in Krytter, and take control over real-time scheduling for hunt dates, location capacities, guide ratios, and pricing models.  You can create extras, harvest fees, and most importantly the paperwork you want attached to that hunt.  Let Krytter make your life simpler by taking care of all the complexities of outfitting."

The Krytter Hunt Builder makes it easy to publish your hunts online.
Book a Free Demo!

You won't be charged any fees until you make a sale, so there's no risk in giving it a shot and exploring the benefits.

Krytter Simplifies Outfitting.

Transform your business with software built by outfitters for outfitters. Discover the easiest way to sell guided hunt trips and maximize your customer’s hunting experience with Krytter’s powerful booking and client management software. Go hunting and we’ll do the rest!

Outfit Easier. Hunt More.

Manage Bookings and Improve Customer Experience

Krytter’s booking software streamlines hunt management, from managing bookings to payment processing to tracking client info.

Focus on What Matters Most: Guiding Hunts

Krytter’s booking software integrates directly with your existing website. Add a new hunt in Krytter and your website automatically updates!

Maximize Your Efficiency and Increase Your Revenue

Krytter keeps guiding fun by automating the office part of your operation. We help you grow your business by making the hard part easy!

Krytter Hunt Booking Software


Effortlessly Schedule Hunts with Krytter.

Krytter is the first online booking software made by outfitters for outfitters. Other booking engines don’t understand the significance of guide ratios, paperwork, licensing and harvest fees.

Our powerful but simple tools will help you save time, stay organized, book more hunts, and most importantly, get paid faster. Krytter will revolutionize how you book your hunts and grow your outfitting business. Get in touch with us and we can get you onboard and blazing forward.

A Booking Engine Built for Outfitters.

Krytter is the first ever, one and only, outfitting industry-specific booking engine.  It’s the real deal – a booking engine platform that lets you build and customize your hunts, publish them online, book directly from your website or social media, and manage your bookings from anywhere you have the internet.

Build Your Hunts

Krytter is a powerful booking engine platform for outfitters.  Build your hunts, publish them online, and book directly from your website or social media

Publish Your Hunts

Publish your hunts on your website or social media so hunters can book directly online. Manage your bookings on the Krytter dashboard.

Manage Your Bookings

Build your hunts with customizable scheduling, guide ratio pricing, species, locations, extras, harvest fees, licensing and paperwork.

Online Payments So You Get Paid Faster.

Through the Krytter platform, hunters can easily pay their invoices online by credit card, ACH, or wire transfer.  Link your bank account in Krytter, and as soon as funds are guaranteed, we automate payment to you.  No waiting, no hassle.  We pay you directly for your hunts.

  • Get better exchange rates, up to 3.0% more than you will from banks.
  • No more chasing down checks or cross-border snail mail. Hunters pay us directly online, or through expedited check services within the US, and then we pay you immediately by auto deposit.
  • Streamlined invoicing, with support for deposits and post-hunt fees.
Get Paid Faster with Krytter Hunt Booking Software

Easier Payments Translate to More Sales.

Guide outfitting operations are viewed as high-risk by credit card companies. This makes it difficult for guide outfitters to offer credit cards as an option for online bookings. Services like Stripe or PayPal are notorious for freezing funds because they require collateral for high-risk sales. We remove this enormous barrier and pay you directly for your hunts. Hunters can book easily through Krytter with their credit cards and you avoid the burden of collateral.
A Krytter booking software mountain goat hunter spending more time in the field

Less Office Time, More Time Hunting.

Krytter will register your clients and purchase licenses on their behalf.  If your province or state doesn’t permit this, or if there isn’t enough time for Krytter to get tags to you – don’t worry, we’ve streamlined the process so it’s easy for you and your client.

  • Krytter collects all the necessary information from clients.
  • We can buy licenses or streamline the process for you.
  • Track your licenses so you’re ready when it comes time to hunt.
Dan Brooks of Krytter

Dan Brooks

Dan is the head guide at Krytter Technology Corp.  He is a second-generation outfitter at Crystal Lake Resort and has been guiding hunters in British Columbia for over 30 years.
Krytter Founder and User

Follow Game Trails, not Paper Trails.

Krytter automates your paperwork for every hunt and every client.  Create or upload documents for information, click to agree, or even legal signatures. Customize who sees it and when, and automate personalized documents for every hunter.

  • Look professional and build trust with hunters.
  • Link your paperwork to hunts, and never worry about it again.
  • Clients have online access to read, agree to, or sign their paperwork.
A Krytter Booking Program Guide Using a Spotting Scope on a Hunt

Your Path to Paperwork Freedom.

You’ll do your paperwork one last time in Krytter, and you’ll never have to worry about it again! Krytter automates all the paperwork for international travel and liability waivers.  Create or upload documents for hunters like directions, equipment lists or liability waivers. Set up click-to-agree buttons or signature lines for more important documents.  Everything is automated and online, easily accessible by your hunters so you never have to email it out again.  

Automated Paperwork

The Krytter paperwork feature is going to blow you away with its simplicity, capability, and efficiency

Licensing Made Easy

In provinces or states where permitted, Krytter will register your clients and purchase licenses on their behalf.

Support Conservation

Link your conservation, hunting and outfitting associations directly in Krytter. We collect fees and remit payments for you.
Krytter Is Transforming Guide Outfitting.

Equip Your Business with Krytter Today.

We want to prove that Krytter is the best solution for your outfitting business. Book a free consultation to chat about how Krytter can help you streamline your outfitting business.

During our call, we will set you up on the Krytter platform and show you how Krytter solves all the challenges around hunt booking.

You won’t be charged any fees for the consultation, so there is absolutely no risk in giving it a shot and exploring the benefits.
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